Pet Grooming Services

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Pet Grooming in Little River, SC

Whether your pet’s coat is long, short or somewhere in between, regular grooming enhances their appearance and benefits their health. At Waterway Animal Hospital, we offer a wide selection of dog and cat grooming services to help your pet look their best. Our Little River staff of professional groomers can handle cats and dogs of any size and have years of experience helping pets feel comfortable throughout the grooming process. Pamper your pet by scheduling an appointment with us today!

Benefits of Pet Grooming

While your pet’s fur and skin can withstand mud, rain or snow, your cat or dog is prone to many skin issues that also affect humans. Cats and dogs can experience dry skin, irritation, dandruff and, in some cases, skin infections. While you may not notice many mild symptoms, regular pet grooming can change and prevent common skin issues.

Our professional groomers can pamper your pet and identify and treat many common skin issues. Regular grooming offers various benefits, such as reducing excessive shedding, matting and hairballs. Some additional benefits of visiting Waterway Animal Hospital for grooming include:

  • Training: While grooming can be fun, caring for all your pet’s needs often includes less pleasant steps, including treating pets with fleas and ticks, mitigating odors after pets interact with skunks and cleaning anal glands. Our team has the necessary training to complete these tasks correctly and safely.
  • Experience: Some pets have experience with regular grooming and respond well to the process. Others may require more careful or soothing approaches. Our groomers have extensive experience handling dogs of all breeds, sizes and temperaments.
  • Tools: Our team has a wide variety of tools to help your pet look their best, including specialized shampoos, brushes, clippers and scissors. Our full-service grooms can also encompass what you may not want to do at home, such as nail trimming. We also have access to everything we need to lift and carry large dogs, preventing you from experiencing an injury.

The professional groomer you choose should have everything listed above. The team at Waterway Animal Hospital is well-equipped to provide full grooming services, and we love our furry friends as much as you do.

Different Types of Grooming Services

At Waterway Animal Hospital, we understand every dog has different needs. Our full-service grooming capabilities include:

Bathing and Drying

Bathing your cat or dog with quality shampoo promotes a softer coat and removes dirt and odor. Generally, your pet should receive a bath once a month to every two to three months. Leaving your dog’s hair wet can lead to matting, making your furry friend appear unkempt. Our groomers use dryers to blow out excess hair and keep your pet’s coat healthy.

Brushing and Haircuts

Brushing your dog’s coat helps to prevent painful hair matting and removes dirt, debris and shedding caught in the rest of their coat. Our team will brush their hair before and after their bath.

Dogs that require haircuts experience benefits such as better hygiene and smell and early detection of skin and health issues. If your dog needs a short haircut, our team can cut their hair every two to three months, while basic trims require a cut every four to six weeks. 

Nail Trimming and Filing

Long nails can catch on carpeting and other furniture. We can use safe trimming tools and procedures or file the length down for greater control. We will ensure your pet’s nails are short enough to walk and play without difficulty while being careful of their quicks.

Paw Pad Care

Keeping the fur between your dog’s paw pads short can keep their feet healthy, prevent mats and provide more traction. We can also moisturize your pet’s paw pads, check them for injury and recommend additional care if needed.

Ear and Oral Care

As hair and dirt build up inside your pet’s ears, they may stop hearing as well and be at an increased risk of infection.

Just as you go to the dentist, your pet needs regular dental care. We can use toothpaste that is safe for your dog or cat to clean their teeth, preventing decay. Our veterinary technicians can also perform cleanings to remove plaque.

Gland Expression

Gland expression can relieve discomfort and reduce the risk of infection. If your cat or dog cannot express their anal glands on their own, our team has the training to clean them safely, preventing them from leaking or bursting at home.

How Often Should Your Pet Visit the Grooming Salon?

The best grooming schedule for your pet depends on their species, breed, coat and other factors. Generally, longer coats require more frequent maintenance. 

Some cats and dogs receive a full grooming every few weeks, while others go a few times a year. Our team can recommend the best grooming interval for your pet and schedule your next visit when you pick your cat or dog up from the clinic.

Young pets are often timid during their first few grooms. You can improve their experience by brushing them and playing with their paws between appointments. Regular visits can also help your puppy or kitten become more comfortable with the process. If they have a shorter coat or receive a low-maintenance haircut, you can start scheduling less frequently, knowing your pet will be ready the next time you bring them to our office.

About Our Service

Waterway Animal Hospital offers a range of pet services covering custom pet grooming, basic grooming needs and specialty services. 

Feel free to give our team special grooming instructions or request a particular haircut. Before your grooming session is also a great time to bring up any medical issues, such as your pet’s allergies. Once you select a service, you can wait for your pet to finish their appointment or return later.

Pamper Your Pet With Waterway Animal Hospital

Whether your pet needs a full groom or a light trim, our team is here to help them look and feel their best. Our expert grooming team has years of experience grooming various pets throughout the Little River area. We will ensure your furry friend leaves our office feeling relaxed and happy. Call our team at 843-663-4500 to Make an Appointment at Waterway Animal Hospital today!